Credo Certification No.: 11-30 PDGA fee: $300 Outside diameter: 21.7 cm Inside rim diameter: 19.3 cm Height: 2.0 cm Rim depth: 1.6 cm Rim thickness: 1.2 cm Flight plate thickness: 0.3 cm Flight plate to rim plane distance: 1.7 cm Flexibility rating: 7.26 kg Rim configuration rating: 49.75 Maximum weight allowed: 180.1 g
Credo - Putter The Credo is an overstable Putter. If you throw it fast it flies straight and has a moderate fade. The slower you throw, the more fade the disc gets. Being an overstable putter, the Credo will especially serve you well in headwind and comes in handy for approaches too! crosslap discs credo putter Speed: 3 Glide: 2 Fade: 0 Turn: 3